Banjos has been a bit tightly strung recently, and has been a bit sharp, so the staff is all trying to even out her temper. But don’t fret, there will still be links. And a special Happy Birthday callout to Banjos’s hero and personal role-model, Rachel Maddow. Fittingly, it’s also the birthday of Phil “Knucksie” Niekro; everyone’s favorite yeoman, Grace Lee Whitney; and the only person who could actually wear a man-bun without looking imbecilic, Toshiro Mifune.

On to the news!


I see Joe Biden’s future here.


Scrambling like Fran Tarkenton.


Picks up a a blocker!


Trump supporters (which they have to be, right?) as antisemites. And TBH, I’m rather sympathetic.


Why do I think this will make absolutely zero difference?


Unasked question: Why is either of these any concern of “lawmakers?” /searches constitution for the invisible ink part


“What the congresswoman meant was…”


“What the congresswoman meant was…”


Coyote, anvil, tunnel paint, JATO rockets…


Awww, they’re so adorable. And Greta looks like she just ran in the Special Olympics. Give her a hug!


The story does not live up to the headline.



OK, I admit it, this guy’s music just knocks me out. Cross roots and Rahsaan and you have Matt Lorenz.