So, since relocating to Phoenix, I’ve been focused on different weather events than previously while living in the Midwest. There it was tornadoes, and blizzards, and ice storms. Here? Heat and humidity (and lack thereof).

We’ve had many beautiful, perhaps even perfect, days and evenings. 75F, 15% RH, light breeze, big fluffy clouds floating around during the afternoon; 55F, 30% RH, still, dark nights with a zillion stars visible overhead.

If it were like this year round, I’d be a happy camper.*

That is completely subjective, of course.

WebDom and my MIL: “That’s so cold!”

OMWC and the Big White Dog: “It’s so hot!”

So, I’m curious to hear what weather conditions the Glibertariat prefer. How about it?



*But, sadly, it was 91F today (with air quality alerts) and expected to be 100F tomorrow.