Well, here in Upscale-Yet-Not-1%-Ville the yardwork gets started at the ridiculous hour of 0600, 7 days a week. It doesn’t help that there is a golf course directly behind our place. I am most decidedly NOT a morning person, as we have firmly established in the past.

But, putting aside my sleep-deprivation-induced surliness for a moment, I’ve noticed something in addition to the early start hour of the $#&king leaf blowers. No matter what kind of landscaping is involved, each household in our neighborhood has a landscaping/yard maintenance service to handle the chores.

Except us.

Saturday morning finds OMWC out bright and early to use our little old-fashioned reel lawn mower on our minuscule patch of lawn before the day starts getting too unbearably hot.

(If it were up to me, we wouldn’t have a lawn at all; a rant for another time.)

So, tonight’s poll question: if you have landscaping or a yard to maintain, do you DIY, do you have your orphans handle it, or do you pay Pud Paisley’s company (or equivalent) to take care of it for you?