Having gotten it out of my system yesterday, I’ll revert to my usual mildly coherent and highly grumpy self for links today. Starting with birthdays (you assholes disappointed me yesterday by not making comments about Dong-Dong): erstwhile-babe Julie Christie; up-and-coming quarterback Baker Mayfield; Deep Purple monster guitarist Ritchie Blackmore; and Nobel-winning chemist and nudist Alan MacDiarmid.



“This time, for sure!”


Department of Shoe On Other Foot.


What the fuck kind of place did we move to?


One more reason that I hope Nancy Reagan is roasting in Hell, tormented forever.


Why Norm MacDonald is still the funniest human alive.


It’s stupid, but not as stupid as Korean Fan Death.


Buttplug pisses off Jews, but that’s expected in modern Team Blue.


How’s that gun confiscation program working out for you?


“Don’t say that, you’ll get them angry!


Socialists go capitalist. Hilarity ensues.


CPRM or Pud Paisley? We report, you decide.



Old Guy Music is an extended one, a whole album, and though it’s nominally Charlie Christian, this might be the most remarkable assembly of jazz talent ever. So it’s worth hearing the whole thing.