The second seder has passed and our first born still appears to be alive, so we did something right. I’m not sure if Mormons do the Easter sunrise thing or not but the neighborhood is very quiet. And that means ADHD folks like I am can type away and not get distrac… hey, what’s that? PIZZA??  I’M SAVED!!!

Todays birthdays lead off with The Other Lizzie; religious slaver James Dobson; everybody’s hero and the greatest Stooge since Jerome Horwitz, Iggy Pop; and the surprisingly best NFL commenter ever, Tony Romo.

Oh yeah, let’s link!



This is extremely ominous. If it really is a sign of the return of the Tigers, Sri Lanka is in for a long and horrible ride.


Eco warriors doing what they do.


Return to segregation and apartheid in the Age of Trump.


There’s so much going on here that this is a perfect Glibertarians story.


You want it, take up a collection. Or find a rich patron. It ain’t yours.




Everything’s better with mankeys.


Ever nail a Filipino or Filipina?


I invoke the 48 Hour Rule.


Oh, those wacky goyim!


Prepare for our next war.


Answers to the name of “Lucky.”



Old Guy Music continues in my violin groove with an absolutely astonishing performance by Sugarcane Harris on a rare night that he was more sober than George Jones.