Needz Better Time Suit


I have preview duty tonight….and it is quite easy. Why? We don’t have a lot of material in the pipeline. *hint, hint* I’d sure like to have more stuff to edit…

However, we do have a couple of things lined up:

Monday, Animal writes of…animals. He really has been a stalwart these past few months. *sets out large tub of berry jam for our author-bear to scarf down*

Tuesday, MLW continues to slog through the new, woke Charmed for us. Trust me, this next one is a doozy. She really is doing rough duty watching that dreck, and distilling it down for us.

Wednesday, We expect SugarFree will torment haunt twist regale us with more adventures of The Hat and The Hair (and tha’ Hat). I have managed to get over my disappointment at the intrepid pair not finding Gerry Ford’s Gold.

Thursday, EMPTY. If nobody steps up, you will probably get stuck with me updating Catalonia and Afghanistan events. An nobody wants to settle for that.

Friday, EMPTY. I shan’t be stepping up to do anything on Good Friday….so consider this an additional plea for your submissions.

Weekend – We have been VERY lucky to have Not Adahn, OMWC and Mexican Sharpshooter carrying the load. Occasional contributions from our cryptid … friends too.

I leave the comments for you to bounce ideas around and OT the living daylights out of this.