Well, our accidental work emergency has passed. You’ll be shocked and amazed to find out that a bunch of people made assumptions that later turned out not to be true, causing a metric fuckton of work for me and my team. Oh, did we tell you it was REQUIRED that you do X, Y, and Z before that mandatory upgrade on Sunday night? We meant RECOMMENDED. But if you don’t you’ve got about six months before it becomes required. I am a grumpy sumbitch today after all of that.

Life has moved so far beyond parody that George Carlin’s famous take on blowjobs has become reality.

Florida House tries to blow up state Constitutional mandate. Per usual. My problem with this is that once fines and fees are converted to civil liens, they are no different than any other civil lien. Either people who have civil liens can’t vote, or they can. I’m on the side of the state Constitution is above the legislature. If it says all felons who have served their time except murderers and sex offenders can vote, then they can.

Well, shit. I guess I better get another MMR shot. My kids are going off to real school soon, and I don’t want to suffer because of some asshat’s child

Thomas Friedman likes border walls. Presumably because China has had one forever.

Eh fuggit. Let’s have some Clash.