Good Afternoon, everyone. How are each and every one of ya? I’m a little bit down. Last year we inherited two old revolvers. I finally had them looked at, and neither one is in shooting condition. Both are also older than I thought. The .32 is a 1912 Colt. Unfortunately it needs a new barrel and some mechanical work. The guys at the gunshop were sorry that it had been used so well, because in better condition they would have tried to make me leave with a pile of cash instead of taking it home. They were still pleased to have met her. I also have a pre-1915 S&W M&P .38. It also needs some mechanical work before it will work again. They suggested I clean them up and take them to this other guy they know who likes working on old guns. So maybe I’ll do that.

Employment at 50 year high, Incarceration at 20 year low.

It turns out that super-moron Jacob Wohl was behind the ham-fisted sexual assault smears against Buttigieg.

…And this is why Trump is only my least-worst-option. $2,000,000,000,000 in infrastructure? For fuck’s sake. That should pay for a new bridge over every stretch of highway in America.

Jesus, did we learn nothing from the 90s? The economy is growing. Employment is at record highs. Why change any of the settings now?

So I guess your undead boyfriend will have to find a new way to show his love after “Vampire facials” leave a pair of recipients with HIV.

And with that, I’ll just throw this on there and try to pretend I didn’t blow that punchline.