Just kidding, you don’t get to bring your majority tyranny up in here. This is a bitter and capricious oligarchy. We’ll just keep holding votes until we get our way. All in favor?

But what inspired the title was that the Turks appear to be taking lessons from the EU on how to run a vote. That is, they’ll keep holding votes until they get the result they want. “Democracy is like a train: when you reach your destination, you get off” – Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Here’s a straight-news NPR story that is so fair, it might cause you to think the writer has secret libertarian tendencies.

In case anyone wonders why I keep taking the “under” on $75/bbl oil. Sadly, $15/bbl from the well to the distribution head would still somehow result in gas prices above $2. I’m not really sure where they’ve got their light ‘stills tuned, but it hasn’t been for gasoline in years. That’s just a byproduct made in sufficient amount. I expect that taxes, detergents, and other additives (cough, corn liquor, cough) probably run to $1.40 a gallon or more. By the time you add in distribution and storage, that’s just how life is anymore.

I’m all in favor of a combination whiskey distillery and performing arts center, but I think by the time it opens, they’ll have to stuff Bob Dylan to have him there. At least Lou Reed will be around to help him open it.

Here’s one from the mumbler that I like.