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Julian Assange is not the only one arrested for being affiliated with Julian Assange.

Interior Minister María Paula Romo did not name the man but said he had been arrested for “investigative purposes”.

An unnamed government official told the Associated Press that the man is Ola Bini, a Swedish software developer.

It comes just hours after Assange was himself arrested at the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

“A person close to Wikileaks, who has been residing in Ecuador, was arrested this afternoon when he was preparing to travel to Japan,” Ecuador’s interior ministry tweeted late on Thursday.

Say it with me now….More caravans!

This is a bullshit move by Team Trump and not just because there are a couple of Cubans on my team.

Senior Trump administration officials said they were rescinding an Obama-era decision that deemed Cuba’s baseball league to be separate from the Cuban government. The U.S. economic embargo on Cuba prohibits Americans from doing business with Cuba’s government, so the Obama administration’s ruling had cleared the way for an agreement between MLB and the Cuban Baseball Federation reached late last year


Under the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba passed by Congress decades ago, the administration has discretion to decide whether an entity like the Cuban Baseball Federation is too closely aligned with the government — in this case Cuba’s sports ministry — to be considered independent. Senior Trump administration officials said they couldn’t understand why the Obama administration had deemed the federation to be independent, calling it “an entity of the Cuban government.”

But former Obama administration officials said the goal of the policy had been to enable Cuban players to join U.S. teams without having to defect to the United States, which often involved dangerous journeys at the hands of human smugglers. Players would often pay to be smuggled into a third-party country from which they could join MLB.

Good job, dumbass.

Socialized healthcare, Venezuelan style.

Please, I’m still going to Mexico.  The world is dangerous, act accordingly.

Speaking of caravans, I suppose that is one way to respond

President Trump’s call to cut aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras is raising concerns among lawmakers and national security and development experts, who say cutting aid will exacerbate the migrant crisis that is already crippling U.S. resources at the Southern border.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Agency for International Development told NPR on Tuesday that the agency is carrying out the president’s order to end foreign assistance programs for the Northern Triangle, the area that comprises those three Central American nations. The spokesperson said the agency is still finalizing the allocation of funds for 2019.

Trump has blamed the Central American countries for sending migrant caravans through Mexico to the U.S. border, an idea Trump has repeatedly promoted to raise the alarm about illegal immigration. In tweets on Saturday, Trump also returned to his previous threat to completely seal off the Southern border, blaming Democrats and Mexico for the turmoil at the border.

I suppose its better than a Ma-Duece.

Hi Preet.

In some parts of the world, they call this “moonshine.”

For those that answered on whether or not I should shoot something yesterday, I tried in the morning, but somebody decided they wanted to shoot tracers at the outdoor range that backs a mountain.  Naturally the mountain caught fire and I had to leave, lest I lob 5.56 NATO at a bunch of firefighters.  I hate shooting the carbine indoors but…

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