Kamala Harris calls for fining companies over gender pay gap Warning: Autoplay video

Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris is vowing to fine corporations that don’t take steps toward closing the gender pay gap.

The Democrat from California wants to turn the current system on its head. Instead of requiring female employees to come forward with complaints, her plan would require companies to submit data each year on equal pay to comply with new standards.

The plan, unveiled Monday, was touted by the Harris campaign as “first-of-its kind” and “historic.”

The candidate said in a statement that the issue of equal pay hits home: “[A]s the daughter of a working mother in a male-dominated field, I know the fight to be treated equally in the workplace has persisted for generations.”

Harris said her proposal would “finally put the burden of ensuring equal pay on the corporations responsible for gender pay gaps, not the employees being discriminated against. We can finally ensure women earn the wages they deserve by forcing companies to step up, holding them accountable when they don’t, and committing as a nation to ending pay inequity once and for all.”

I know the Dems are in the “throwing it on the wall and see if it sticks” phase of the primary. (They are up to 25 candidates!) But this is especially difficult to implement fairly, so expect it to be implemented unfairly by default.

Police Officer Hired Hit Man to Kill Her Husband and a Young Girl, Officials Say

Isaiah Carvalho Jr. woke up on Friday hopeful that his life was about to turn a corner.

Instead, he was told that his estranged wife, a New York City police officer, had been plotting to kill him all winter.

Five months had passed since the 32-year-old had filed for divorce from his wife, Valerie Cincinelli. But after a messy custody battle, the matter appeared almost settled.

It was, but not the way Mr. Carvalho had hoped.

Law enforcement officers informed Mr. Carvalho that Officer Cincinelli, a mother of two and a 12-year veteran of the Police Department, had arranged to hire someone to kill him and her boyfriend’s school-age daughter.

Instead of going through with the scheme, her boyfriend contacted the F.B.I.

The details provided in court documents paint a troubling portrait of a botched murder-for-hire plot ripped from the pages of a true-crime thriller.

It’s a terribly written article, trying to be a feature instead of just telling us the facts. No motive given as to why the boyfriend wanted to kill his own daughter, or how the ex-husband/murder target makes a living selling fireworks (fancy airburst ones or snakes and sparking tanks under a tent in a parking lot?) or if they were in contact with a real hitman at any point.

This Memo Explains How to Chauffeur the Leaders of the AFL-CIO, Which ‘Is An Honor’

As president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka is America’s most prominent representative of the interests of the working class. The following document explains exactly how he is to be chauffeured around by staffers who are told they should be “proud” to act as his driver.

Trumka has been the president of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest federation of labor unions, since 2009, and as such is the de facto face of America’s labor movement.

Splinter obtained the following memo, written in 2018, which instructs AFL-CIO staffers how they are to drive around the federation’s officers. (The memo presumably applies to all three of the top officers, but Trumka is the only officer whose preferences are detailed in the memo.) Sources say that when Trumka travels on business, an AFL-CIO staffer—such as a communications staffer, or a field mobilization staffer, or a staff member at a state labor federation—is often detailed to serve as his driver. This memo tells staffers exactly how to fulfill that assignment, which they are told that they should be “proud” to have been chosen for.

Watch as one clueless idiot argue that two and two can’t add up to four. It just can’t!

Scandal, “Goodbye to You,” 1982

Highest chart placement: #65,  Billboard Hot 100

Ermahgerd, Patty Smyth. So hot. Even with the hair.

This haircut hit Kentucky hard and stayed popular for a long time. My high school girlfriend still had this haircut in 1987 when we started dating.  Bangs are like cancer you give your own face.