Have you ever noticed that STEVE SMITH doesn’t like to talk about the Yeti?  There must be something there, something that he doesn’t want us looking into.

Well, what race of humans are descended from the Yeti?  Of course, the Yetisyn, also known as the Subgenii.  But why, WHY would our local cryptids want to keep us away from the slackful?  Is it just because of the high infiltration of douchebags since the fires of the ’70 burned out?  Or is it something darker… pinker… could STEVE SMITH be a member of The Conspiracy?  Could he be shaping the Glibertarians to use as a weapon to drive away the X-ists and snuff out the word of “Bob?”

Obviously, there is a connection, STEVE SMITH admits he’s a blood relation.  But did you notice which members of the commentariat didn’t pass through the fires of the Englibbening?  That’s right — the (Stark) Fist of Etiquette and Agile Cyborg (who obviously drank deeply of the vaginal fluids of Connie Dobbs).

So, was STEVE SMITH purifying his church?

Or are we the baddies?