…so if you wish to call me out and complain about my links being too Mexican, not Mexican enough, or whatever other pejorative you want to lob my way—don’t bother.  I’m at the gym.

I am up earlier than normal to accommodate so if for some reason you find me saltier than normal.  Don’t blame me, put the blame where it belongs.

This seems fitting for Sunday morning.  National Review defends…coffee?  This is either Poe’s Law or they just forgot the part where they are supposed to leave out their MO for their “You know what really grinds my gears?” audience.  Its called “Cold Brew Coffee.”  Its not redefining “coffee” if you add a modifier.  Society is not redefining a word to suit the agenda of Big Coffee, Starbucks, or caffeinated hipsters taking 30 minutes to adjust their purple sash, refit their vintage, ironic Johnny Rotten studded belt to their skinny jeans while a line 6 guys deep is behind them in the men’s room.  Next they’re going to write an article bitching about pop being soda, soda being Coke, even if its Pepsi.  I’m just sitting here thinking there’s a label on the goddamn can.  Call it that.

Also, for your edification (Yes, thats a fucking word) “The story of the Toddy® Cold Brew System begins in 1964 when Todd Simpson, after graduating as a chemical engineering student at Cornell, tasted a cup of coffee created with a liquid concentrate made by an ancient Peruvian process.”  Starbucks was founded 31 March 1971.

This is some weird shit... which one of you did it?

On the floor in front of them in a pool of blood was 30-year-old Farina Caspari, suspected of honoring Weiss’s dominator command to first kill him and Enders and then take her own life, which she clearly did, according to investigators.

Weiss and Enders left wills at their sides, presumably to ensure that the motives were clear. “Investigators suspect they were all members of a kind of sex circle with a focus on the Middle Ages,” according to RTL news quoting local investigators on the scene. “[Weiss] may have been the guru of the group.”

Gay dude running for president turns down another gay dude pining for an interview.  I like Rubin, but I’m pretty sure Butt-kowski turned him down because Fox News has a much bigger audience.  I’m just saying.

A third of the migrants at the border claiming asylum with the children they brought with them are NOT their children.  Something they confirmed via DNA testing.  Anybody working around government types might point out this is the Hawthorne Effect in action.  This is body of behavioral research that suggests people will react a certain way to confirm the bias of the observer.  This came about when researchers confirmed workers are more productive when their supervisor is watching (No…Shit).  To break it down:  when you make it known that there is only so much room for families at the detention center, and you’ll be released with instructions to be appear in court for your asylum claim…don’t be surprised when people show up with kids, claim asylum, and fail to appear in court—even if they are not their goddamn kids.

Deontay Wilder knocks out Dominic Breazeale in the first round to defend his heavyweight title; this is brutal.  If the name “Deontay” drives you up the wall like the word “cold brew coffee” or you’re too much of a choir boy to watch to watch a guy getting knocked the fuck out…don’t click the video at this link.

Have some old guy music.