Happy Friday, all! Eight hours from now, I intend to be swirling a glass of wine. Or maybe getting dinner at some food trucks. Or taking LSD and chewing the bark off a tree. Who knows? I mean, this is an exciting life we lead!

Happy Birthday today to: a totally tubular guy; the Meir that made Milwaukee famous; an amazing combination of talent and stupidity; and the Three Minute Man. And that’s i…  Wait! There’s more!

On to the news.



Team Red, still useless after all these years. The fascination with the Bush/Obama Forever Wars is astounding.


Over/under on Jack Young’s indictment?


Why you can’t ever trust a fire captain. Oh wait, too local.


I thought this was The Onion. Huh.


Michelle Obama mourns.


Do you think they’ll let him live in Montana?


Popcorn please.


It’s ironic that I can carry a gun here. Oh wait, too local.


This would be interesting, except…


…this is from the same pollster. Astounding!


There’s no way that any of this should be criminal, nor any reason to have the product restricted by the State. Oh wait, too local.


Is this why we haven’t seen Sea Smith recently? Shit, I’m worried now.


I’m taking bets.


Team Blue- Totally Not Antisemitic. WTF is with Minnesota, anyway?



And Old Guy Music is a fun song in the photo theme, but is also a lesson in typography. The album cover for The Picks could easily be read as The Dicks. Wait… what was that…. Really??