Between the ERT drills and teaching night classes, I have very little time to make sense of the Celestial Order.  Which is a shame, since there is probably something valuable to be found a few levels deeper than I am willing to go.  To wit:  this week Saturn (retrograde) is aligned with Mars, indicating the outbreak of hostilities.  Where?  Between who?  The answers are there, but I don’t have time to figure them out.  I think it’s unlikely to involve me, so I’m just going to head off to play fireman.

Good luck/good news for Taurus, as Mercury joins the Sun in its somewhat barnyard-smelling home.  Venus in Aries brings the stereotypical springtime ardor to the forefront.  The moon in Leo brings some instability, mood swings — but more on the oddly friendly than bitchy side of the spectrum (see the Moon in Aries, supra).

The cards say this week is going to start off strong.  Really strong.  Dominant.  Possibly too dominant as we see people opposing you later.  Also expect a piece of equipment to fail that will lessen your effectiveness.  Some of the advancement will be lost, but not all of it —  indications are for realized gains.

Taurus:  King of Swords – Hard power, authority, judgment, command, law

Gemini:  Ace of Wands – Creation, enterprise, invention, birth of a male child

Cancer:  The Devil, reversed – Weakness, pettiness, blindness, fatality

Leo:  The Magician – Skill, diplomacy, self-confidence, will, disaster, pain.

Virgo:  The Hierophant, reversed – Society, concord, over-kindness, weakness

Libra:  9 of Wands, reversed – Obstacles, adversity, calamity

Scorpio:  5 of Cups – Loss but something remains, inheritance, transmission, frustration in marriage

Sagittarius:  7 of Coins – Money, business, barter, investment, quarrels, ingenuity

Capricorn:  Knight of Coins, reversed – inertia, idleness, stagnation, discouragement, carelessness

Aquarius:  The Empress, reversed – Light, truth, the unraveling of involved matters, vacillation

Pisces:  9 of Cups, reversed – Truth, loyalty, liberty, mistakes, imperfection

Aries:  The Chariot, reversed – Quarrel, dispute, litigation, defeat