I’ll keep this brief so you can get back to your holiday drinking.

The new feature in the sky (and lasting until September) is Saturn going into retrograde motion.  This makes Saturn difficult to read confidently, as it now causes both beginnings and very, very bad endings.  It also take part in our first alignment:  Mars-Sol-Saturn (retrograde) = a war breaks out this week.  Sorry about that.  The second one is much better, we get the Earth aligning with the moon and the sun which signals general benevolence.  It’s not ideal, being the sort that leads to a new moon, but I’ll take it.  Indeed, this particular new moon shows higher than usual potential for auspicious beginnings, so if you were going to start a business or ask out that hottie, this is as good a time as can be reasonably expected.

Staying on the subject of Saturn (retrograde) it’s still loafing around in Capricorn.  Now Capricorn is the sign of wisdom, tempermentality, and fine leather goods.  For the past far too many weeks, Saturn has been inhibiting our thinking, making it more ponderous than it should be.  Now that it has gone retrograde, we should experience extremes of judgment, both flashes of insight and extremely stupid decisions.  Good luck telling the difference.  With the new moon in Taurus there is great potential — the new moon is the seed, a thing unrealized, the sign of beginning.  But the beginning of what exactly?  Unfortunately in this case, the facing sign is “the hidden threat.”  Find it, catch it, kill it.  Too bad about that whole Saturn retrograde in Capricorn when it comes to correctly identifying what the threat is.  Whether it’s spring or because Venus and Mercury are in the sign of the Goat, you will feel… inclinations this week.

Taurus:  5 of Swords – Degradation, destruction, infamy, reversal, dishonor, loss

Gemini:  10 of Coins – Gain, riches, archives, family home, extraction

Cancer:  2 of Wands, reversed – Surprise, wonder, emotion, fear

Leo:  The Chariot – Succor, providence, war, triumph, presumption, vengeance

Virgo:  5 of Cups, reversed – News, alliances, affinity, ancestry, false projects

Libra:  Ace of Swords, reversed – Triumph, excess in everything, extremes of love and hate… but all of these things are disastrous.

Scorpio:  8 of Wands, reversed – Jealousy, internal dispute, stings of conscience

Sagittarius:  Page of Wands – Dark young man, faithful, a lover, an envoy, a postman

Capricorn:  4 of Coins – Gifts, legacy, clinging to what one has, defense of resources

Aquarius:  Judgment, reversed – Weakness, simplicity, a reward denied

Pisces:  6 of cups – Memories, the past, current enjoyment from earlier seeds

Aries:  Temperance – Economy, frugality, management, accommodation