As is right and proper.


A week long shoulder problem has left me quite ornery – I am leaving work at mid-day to go to convenient care and get this @#$% fixed. But, personal whinging aside, the Links must flow…er, be posted. So, your linkings are as follows:

  • While Illinois is doing the right thing – they are making sure they crony and exception their way forward. “The measure would also create a designation for “social equity applicants” hoping to obtain licenses and provide minority-owned businesses support by offering technical assistance, access to capital and loans and relief from fees that have posed a barrier to entry for those looking to crack into the state’s pot industry — which is currently dominated by a handful of predominantly-white medical marijuana companies.
  • This sure beats Uber… “On Sunday, the king was carried through the streets on a gilded palanquin for the royal procession.” It is good to be the king.
  • I think this qualifies as “bad luck“.
  • Is good Rooshian plane. But seriously, good on the stewardess for saving people. Of course, “planes will not be grounding. Am good flying!”