Big thanks to SP to salvaging the site. Who knew that a million comments were going to leave a mark? Akshually, it may be that we’re too graphically stimulating for the web plan we have. We are formulating a plan, but right now, we’d just like everyone to know, we have enough money in the “DO NOT STEAL UNLESS NOT COMING BACK” tin to handle a slightly larger hard drive than the “classic” 40MB external currently operating our graphics storage. Oh, and its raining here. A beautiful summer rain that makes me want to nap.

I feel like the British public is trying to tell their MPs something… Something like, “yes, we really expect you to GTFO of the EU”.

“Ladies and Gentleman, this is your co-pilot speaking, it seems that your captain has been detained for… well, something other than violating the 12 hour bottle-to-throttle rule. We’re going to be a little late leaving today.”

Huh. I’m used to seeing vultures around the dumpsters at my local Winn Dixie, but maybe there was more to it. I actually googled this and its a different Winn Dixie further down. Anywhere else, this would be foul play 99%, around here, it might just be an old guy who fell out fishing.

Bedroom cinemas? I think not.


I guess I’ll recycle some AM Gold.