The time is upon us.  It’s time to start signing up for the Spring BIF (Beer It Forward, if you don’t know what it is yet, click here).  Signing up will mean you’ll be both receiving, and responsible for shipping, between 72-96 ounces of locally produced beer from and to another participant.  You will be required to at least provide your general location (to avoid shipping to someone you could just drive the beers to). If you wish to include swag (glasses, stickers, coasters, shirts, etc) from the local breweries, it is encouraged, but not required.

For shipping beer, you can look at this guide to see about the best packaging and shipping methods.  I generally recommend cans and crowlers (32 oz cans filled and sealed at a brewery/bar) over bottles (and strongly recommend against growlers).  Do not ship USPS, as it is a felony.

To sign up, I’d ask you to e-mail me at my handle at the mail of Google, as well as posting in this thread.  In your e-mail to me, at least provide your handle and general location. If you have beer preferences or dislikes, then please include those as well.  At some point you will need to provide your address to someone so that they can ship to you (if you provide it to me, I’ll pass it along).

I will also do my best to avoid having any previous participant from shipping to someone they’ve shipped to before.  This is a great way to learn about beers that aren’t available in your area, and to share your favorite local beers with someone elsewhere in the country.  I’d like to keep sign ups open up until about May 18th, with the plan of having everything shipped by June 7th.