Pretty damn small

After we lost the house, the wife and I ended up at her Mom’s house.  Wendy in the spare bedroom and I live in a very small room in the back of the garage with Bella and my cat. Even though we are saving money and my studio is in storage, I still needed a small project to occupy my limited free time, so I went small scale and cheap. How small?

I found some Sherman tanks in 1/300 scale, ordered them, and then came up empty searching for more tanks, what to do?

Dollar tree diorama

I managed to find some scale people that architects use and bought 100 for five bucks, now what?

Off to DT! Purchase glue, spackle, modge, podge, painters blue, florist foam and a strong flat picture frame, oh and some baking soda…

Next we go to Hobby Lobby for acrylic paints and a few brushes, and off we go.

After a few afternoons worth of work this is the result.  I love the way the road cuts turned out, the stone looks pretty nice, and the mud/ice mix is just right.



The only thing left is the trees; coming from China, hard to find, but that will wait until next time.

Coming in at a whopping 10 inches square, this the smallest I have done.  The men are ¼” tall, the tanks are the size of a quarter, and I’m going blind here. While it’s one of my best, it’s more like a desk ornament than anything else. It may even get sold, but we shall see.

As of this writing, I’m in a motel and the situation is tenuous at best, so this project is in storage til my trees come in.  Once they arrive, I’ll bring it out and finish it, hopefully. Lesson learned? Don’t just buy stuff hoping you can find other stuff—Research Dammit! So the next project will be in 1/144 scale, I bought a few, then my friend tells me he has about 14 more, in collectible boxes, these should work.



The story:  December 1944

Elements of Patton’s 3rd Army are northbound for Bastogne and have become hopelessly lost.  Upon hooking up with an infantry company, they proceed north.  There just isn’t much more to add, perhaps a stray mortar shell?

Link to album, some good pix.  Also, gas prices are outrageous, and Belarus Women are as crazy a German Women, until next time…