The Park

We live in a motel right next to I-10 in Ontario Cali; not a bad place and it seems they built a park.  Why? We’ll get to that.  Bella has insisted we go behind the building next door when walking, so we did, and found this

Then we noticed a larger park on the other side of the street and went there, and found this.

Founders Garden:  A tribute to the Chaffey Brothers and Segundo Guasti, who basically made Ontario bloom into the city it became.  Let’s continue…

The Plaque.

The rest is Roses by Armstrong, Olives by Graber, and Grapes by Guasti.

A nice park in the middle of a commercial area:  A gem in the sea of buildings and concrete that make up most of SoCal; glad we found it—take a look.

Sluices and water towers[of course] olive treesand some roses,

This is a walking park.  No facilities, recreation or even trash cans.  It is however, spotless, and we saw very few people walking.

In the retaining pond for the water tower we found a few ducks hanging out; not an easy picture to take with Bella on the leash.

There are nice benches scattered throughout amongst the olive trees; suitable for quiet contemplation or just chillin’ with my little villain, Bella.

Considering where its located, there is a serenity, maybe a zen kinda feel to the place.  If your ever stuck in the IE, I recommend a visit.

Oh yeah, there are no signs prohibiting alcohol.  Just to be safe I brought a Dogfish Head Sea Quench session sour ale; really good beer. Even though its 4.9% abv.

Note from legal team: Drunk in public is a misdemeanor in California. If convicted, you may face up to six (6) months in county jail and/or a fine of up to one thousand dollars ($1,000).

Until next time, the Gallery