“You see, we have cured balding and pudginess in the Future!

Greetings Glibertarians. I bring you word from the Future! Sort of. Kind of. A bit. OK, I bring you a preview of the upcoming posts on this here site. You all have continued to be responsive to our my begging for material. And lo, it is good. I thank you all.

Monday – Bolt Guns are back. Brought to you by Animal. Nephilium introduces us to Viva. No, not the great album by Los Straitjackets. Just read it and see what he is talking about.

Tuesday – Ozymandias takes on Public Education. MLW sees if she can make it through another overly-woke episode of Charmed.

Wednesday – Hide ya brain, hide ya soul…SugarFree is Coming. And a very special appearance by the beloved Gojira, to round out the day.

Thursday – First, more mil-diorama from Yusef…er, Checker of Thermostats. Second, DOOM! by robc.

Friday –  Q lets us have whatever is on his mind when he writes. Our favorite lady of the evening/economics pundit joins us as well…giving the Cryptids a night off.

Weekend – Beer, the Stars, Links. Previews. Hurrah! OMWC, mexican sharpshooter, Not Adhan and company will keep us amused.

The weekday links must flow! So I will be on the case, with Banjos and OMWC.

BONUS: Music Link – Having mentioned Los Straightjackets, I must link this song.


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