Back from our local gaming CON. Tradition calls for getting hammered on Saturday night, and dragging oneself away on Sunday morning. If naught else, you may call me a keeper of tradition.

So no time for witty banter, just your weekly preview, and the open comments section.

Monday – Animal continues the Bolt Guns series, with Part 3. Yusef (well, whatever name he is using today) visits a park.

Tuesday – Pie ponders welfare and the UBI. MLW continues her forced march through “Woke Charmed”.

Wednesday – If your sanity and survives the Hat and the Hair, you will have to stay buckled up to deal with another episode of Tonio’s “The Glibbening”.

Thursday – ElspethFlashman explains Mentally Incompetent to Stand Trial. SP has a poll.

Friday – trshmnstr opines upon prosperity. The Cryptid of the Week returns to give links.

Weekend – Not Adahn, Mexican Sharpshooter and OMWC will keep us entertained and informed.