In the future, everyone will have a narrowed gaze!

Right. Preview. I have it here somewhere… The cryptids left the office a complete mess. Not that I am going to go argue with STEVE SMITH or ZARDOZ about office etiquette, but would it kill them to have someone mop up after SEA SMITH? ….Ah. Found it. So, the week to come:

Monday – Animal continues to fill us in on Bolt Guns, in part 4 of his series. SP polls us on another libertarian hot button issue… if any of you are reading on Memorial Day that is.

Tuesday – robc takes a swing at the UBI (if he says fund it with a universal land tax, I am going to cow butt him…). MLW continues the death march through the first season of “Woke Charmed”.

Wednesday – Run. Hide. Make your sanity roll. The Hat and the Hair…times 2! First, SugarFree tells us a tale of wonder and terror, and later on CPRM animates them for us!

Thursday – kinnath collaborates discusses Russian hospital. Is good reading, you will be making. Cryptid Advice shows up later on.

Friday – End of the month mean “What Are We Reading” by the Glibs Staff. The Cryptid of the Week sends us into the weekend.

Weekend – OMWC, Spudalicious, Mexican Sharpshooter and Not Adahn keep us entertained and informed.

Weekly links by me, Banjos, BrettL and OMWC.

Enjoy your free reign in the comments section.