“You see what I did to this animal that displeased me..don’t you let me down, or I will be wearing your hide, next.”

A bit late today…I got caught up in a dispute down on the Ricola wrapping line. Man, those things hurt when they get fired out of a crossbow. Anyways, order has been restored, and I am free to give you a sneak peek at the week to come.

Monday – Beer it Forward returns. Tulip pickles things. Hmmm… a very consumable oriented day it seems. (Animal will likely return the next Monday, continuing the Bolt Guns series).

Tuesday – Suthen talks trees. MLW talks Woke Charmed. 

Wednesday – SugarFree continues to molest our minds. Not Adhan has a thought on STEVE SMITH.

Thursday – ron73440 gives us dark humor. Sensei continues his Japanese lessons via Anime titles.

Friday – wdalasio ponders culture. Cryptid of the Week visits.

Weekend – The usual suspects will be rounded up – OMWC, mexican sharpshooter, Not Adahn, and others.

Daily links will continue from me, Banjos and OMWC.

We have had a good response to our plea for materials, as you can see. However, there is always room for your contributions! As in, next week and after that…  Thank you for your continued support of our humble site.

The comments are all yours.