Hi guys. Happy Thursday. I’m starting off a 4 day weekend. Tomorrow is a beginner’s bladesmithing class. I’m gonna make a dagger so bad ass Napoleon Dynamite would think it was more badass than a lyger. Or, with a lot of instruction, something ugly but functional.

Florida schools just became BYOG* for next year. Lock’n’load! I wonder how long before the first brandishing. I kid, kind of. More responsible adults (or teachers in a pinch) with guns, carrying to do well is good.
*Not for students

Huh. This SpaceX failed test thing is weird. Apparently it blew up a half-second before the thrusters were engaged. Its weird because as I understand it, neither component of the hypergolic fuel (which autoignites when mixed) was being moved when it went bang.

News from science — people drink coffee and beer for the effect.

“Frankly, sports fans, he used a word that is a no-no with umpires.” I never really thought of calling a guy a cocksucker as anti-gay. Now I have to find a new derogative for gay men who anger me, because this had made me see that obviously calling a gay man a cocksucker isn’t going to insult him.

Have some guitar and some crazy fretless bass.