Good morning my Glibs and Gliberinas!  And what a glorious morning it always is!  Red states push to drastically limit or in the case of Alabama (outlaw) abortion continues apace with Missouri’s Senate passing a bill limiting abortions to 8 weeks and Louisiana is up on-deck.  The left might have to boycott all the red states in the US and not just Georgia.


I have to say, I’m highly amused by the freakout from the left over the abortion restriction push.  Not because I’m pro-life.  It truly shows the bubble many in the left have been living in.  When the left talks about how the majority of the population being ok with abortion, they are correct, but they’ve fooled themselves into believing that that meant that they were in lockstep with them wanting abortion up and through college graduation.  60% of the population are ok with 1st trimester abortions.  But only 28% agree with 2nd trimesters and around 13% agree to 3rd trimester abortions.  The heartbeat bills are not going to be as politically unpopular as they think they will be.


Trump’s pick to the 9th circuit has been confirmed by the Senate.  Now he needs to move to add another circuit out west, not for political purposes, it’s just ridiculous how much territory it has to cover and how backlogged it is.  It’s covering a population of over 61 million people, twice and three times the size of other circuits.

Based on 2010 United States Census figures, the population residing in each circuit is as follows.

Circuit Authorized judges Population Percentage of US population Population per authorized judge
D.C. Circuit 11 601,723 0.19% 54,702
1st Circuit 6 13,970,816 4.47% 2,328,469
2nd Circuit 13 23,577,940 7.54% 1,813,688
3rd Circuit 14 22,498,612 7.19% 1,607,044
4th Circuit 15 29,788,417 9.52% 1,985,894
5th Circuit 17 32,646,230 10.44% 1,920,366
6th Circuit 16 32,105,616 10.26% 2,006,601
7th Circuit 11 25,001,420 7.99% 2,272,856
8th Circuit 11 20,568,237 6.58% 1,869,840
9th Circuit 29 61,742,908 19.74% 2,129,066
10th Circuit 12 17,020,355 5.44% 1,418,363
11th Circuit 12 33,268,699 10.64% 2,772,392
Federal Circuit[Note 1] 12 N/A N/A N/A
Total 179 312,790,973 100% 1,747,436


Bill Barr publicly asks Pelosi if she brought handcuffs to arrest him.


Police execute search warrant on Catholic diocese of Dallas.


Sky penis, a dramatic reading.


Alex Jones’ interview of 14 year old comedian “Soph”.


Crap, ran out of time.  That’s what I get for ranting.  Here’s song.  Gotta go.