Good morning my Glibs and Gliberinas!  And what a glorious morning it is for everyone except for those living in Jefferson City Missouri who were wiped out by a tornado.


Feds bring new charges against Avenatti, this time for misappropriating nearly $300k from Stormy Daniels.  Here’s a nice compilation from The Washington Free Beacon of the press fellating Avenatti.  And here’s Tucker Carlson accusing the creepy porn lawyer of taking advantage of Stormy.


White liberals want to force their pet minorities into failing schools that minorities desperately wish to escape.


Rand Paul splits with Amash on Trump impeachment.


67% of Dems are as smart as a sea sponge according to Crazy Eyes.


120 people arrested at “Go Topless Galveston” beach party.


Smarter people listen to instrumental music.


I agree.