And it’s a lovely day today in our neighborhood, just lovely. The javelinas are rooting, the coyotes are basking, the Mormons are toasting with Hi C, and Joe Arpaio is plotting his comeback. This is my comeback, which will not pay as well.

Birthdays are second rank today, but we should mention Gropy Al; Big Man Tyrone’s spirit animal; a novel diet guru and all-around fun guy; and a lawyer who never lost, other than his ability to walk.

On to the news!



The Eric Cartman School of Diplomacy.


I’ve got a solution: PUT FEWER PEOPLE IN CAGES.


An interesting notion.


My suspicion: Big Dairy is behind this.


He’s a Jew. He’s a comedian. He’s the president.


A sudden grasp of the obvious.


Ohio Man In Training.


Judge Ferguson smiles from Heaven.


On the bright side, he’s certainly a looker.



Old Guy Music today is from a project that… well… it was damned interesting. Some of our favorite musicians collaborating on this one.