The Great Glibertarian Cleansing of 2019 has started.

Being a merciful Ditka dictator, my first step in securing and degrading inactive accounts is to change the passwords. If you have received a notice from WordPress that your Glib site password has been changed, it was (most likely) me. If you would still like to keep your account active, you should be able to easily change your password again yourself from the login screen. For now.

FYI, the way I am checking if an account is active or inactive is to check when last a comment was publicly posted by that account. Because we are a wee bit paranoid around here, my policy is to delete server logs; I can’t turn over what I don’t have. So, if you haven’t commented “recently” chances are good your password will be re-set.

If you have any questions about the process, the reasons, want to pipe up and let me know you’re still alive, or wonder if in fact I am the one who changed your password, please fuck off, slaver get in touch through the website issues contact form.

Have a great weekend.

(Yes, I am the boss of you.)