Buenos tardes Gliberinos!  Brett is out, selling the Tampastan Devil Rays some cocaine, so they called me in from the bullpen…apparently Raymond is his grease-man.

Who is leading off?  Why it’s Venezuela!  Evidently inflation there fell BELOW 1 million percent.   Which means they can now use currency for fuel, assuming they still possess the means to make fire.

Up next is El Trumpeñero, who inadvertently waved around details of the deal with Mexico in front of reporters.  Which strikes me more as a deliberate move rather than foolishness on his part. 

The three hole is Peru.  If you didn’t know, Machu Pichu is a massive tourist attraction, but has one significant drawback:  its in the middle of nowhere.  So they decided to break ground on an airport somewhat nearby.  Naturally, people want to protest, so we’ll call this one out on fielder’s choice.

Batting clean-up is Cuba.  Team Trump is allowing Cuban ballplayers now with the proviso that MLB assist with Venezuela, which has a slightly less crappy government than Cuba but also has significantly more active professional players.  There are three on my team.

Deseo paz para mis hijos

Finally, Mexico clears the bases with the new policy mandating gender neutral school uniforms.  In case you didn’t know, former Mexican President Vincente Fox has an absurdly large social media following, and said this in response:

“They’re robbing us of the freedom to decide how to dress, how to educate our own children,” Fox wrote on Twitter. “They behave like a ‘sect’ following the high ‘priest’ Lopez.”

Whatever muchacho.

Here’s some tunes.  Have a great day.