Oh hey, everyone but me is on vacation — switching to monitoring work email on my phone. Unfortunately, my car is down due to either a brake pedal switch or brake solenoid failure. Now in most vehicles, you can just stick a key in the override and go on your way. In the 2013 Ford Expedition, you need a long, very thin object approximately six inches long. Or else mine is just fuxored right there, too. Anyhoo, replacing the solenoid is done through… replacing the entire shifter assembly. Which shipped out of the warehouse today, which means I’m down this weekend. So it looks like its time to investigate home-delivery options for alcohol…

I resisted making this joke yesterday, but can’t today: Friends say there’s something funny about comedian’s suicide. I’ll just go over here to the mirror and narrow my own gaze.

Happy Solstice, and good luck finding virgins to sacrifice!

I know this will piss off FdA (tw: link to WSJ), but here’s an article about State Capitalism succeeding in Cuba. And by succeeding, I mean rationing food due to shortages.

Oh boy, here comes prog-jection again. Politico wonders “what if Trump won’t accept defeat in 2020?” This person who won’t be voting for Trump in 2020 wonders if there is anyway without massive cheating that could possibly happen.


Here’s what my kids call “the Planes song” when it comes on the radio. Playa Manhattan knows what I’m talking about.