Another fine work week draws to a close here. I still have a job (for the moment), it’s still hotter than fuck here, and every politician is still pissing me off, especially the retarded congressman who “represents” me. On the bright side, I will spend the weekend with my lovely wife (forestalling the rusty tin can lids) and Wonder Dog, hiking in the mountains where it will be marginally less hellish, and doing fun things in my home laboratory.

Speaking of pets, let’s all extend our sympathy to mexican sharpshooter, who lost his beloved Harry yesterday. Burial was in the back yard with his kids as pallbearers. Rest in peace, faithful friend.

Birthdays today include a rather unfortunate physicist; a painter who anticipated Disumbrationism; a much more fortunate physicist (whose work inspired my senior thesis); one of my all-time favorite guitarists; another asshole politician; and a guy who could have used a parachute.

Let’s move on to news stories so you good folks can pretend that there’s actually something here beyond an excuse for silicone titty pix of chix with bad tats and duck lips.


Here’s some prime candidates for the woodchipper. The judges AND the cops. Oh, and while it’s running, drop this guy in there as well.


Mac Rebennack heart attack.


“Tell me the principles you want me to have and I can do it!”


This won’t at all be used for covert spying on Americans. Oh no, that would be unconstitutional! So very much not gonna happen. Trust us.


Racist principal attacks Aryan.


Florida Bird.


Huh, who would ever have thought that the DC elite were actually raging assholes?


I swear this was Wile E. Coyote.


Disclosure: we’re not shareholders, but we ought to be. We had a fine dinner last night made with their Hot Italian sausage. And a Beyond Taco for lunch two days ago at Del Taco. Fight me.


And speaking of my weekend, here’s some Hank III, who sounds much more like his grandfather than his dad does. That is a compliment.