I like to start these things out with minor anecdotes so that people can think that we’re human. I have no anecdotes. But I have a picture of Wonder Dog with an inflatable collar, doing her impression of Swiss Servator.


Birthdays today include Nina’s dad; a chick who banged Spock; a vastly overrated guitarist; a vastly overrated cartoonist; one of Obama’s targets who managed to survive; and a punchline in search of a joke.

News coming up next.


Will he or won’t he? Only The Mustache knows for sure.


Team Red has to be so proud.


“…but names will never hurt me.” They might fuck YOU up, though.


Another attack by a white supremacist.




“But it’s really great shit!”


I swear, when we moved here, I had no idea. /looks nervously at SP’s rusty tin can lids.


I’d vote to acquit, then give him a medal.


And for Old Guy Music, here’s one for the Very Young Lady, one of SP’s favorite songs. There’s a wonderful story behind it involving a large bag of weed, cannabutter, and a squirrel, but no time for it now. It mourns a dead friend, and with marvelous lyric poetry.