Another lovely day here in Satan’s idea of Paradise. But on the bright side, it’s Friday. And we’re not snowed in. And I’m not going to link any stories about a guy who had drugs fall out of his ass, then shot himself in the nuts. And no depressing Holocaust posts. See, you should be feeling better already!

Birthdays today include a guy I keep forgetting about; someone who always gets me charged up; a racist, homophobic murdering piece of shit who is a Leftist icon; and a guy I would have loved to have had a few beers with.


Here’s a petition from we can all get behind. And I’d suggest starting another one calling for the prosecutor (someone name Preet Bharara) to get stuffed into a woodchipper.


“But we were just helping you by removing those mines! How can you be so suspicious?”


Well, that settles it, then. Biden’s the guy.


What do you get when you take a well-past-the-use-by-date director and hand him a series that ran out of steam about 30 years ago? This. God help us, this will be even worse than Jaws.


“A new excuse to shred the First Amendment? OH JOY!”


If this reporting were from a more credible source, it might be worth paying attention to.


Computers are clearly not libertarian.


Global Warming- more effective than clubbing.


Cue World’s Smallest Violin.


Old Guy Music features one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums. No Cream today, we’re dieting.