So this week we have an actual sign in the heavens.  It’s a double leg through Jupiter (retrograde)–which isn’t exactly the best linkage you can have.    One leg involves the Earth and the Sun, the other is the Moon with Mars and Mercury.  Now that first one means “trouble at home, domestic discord.”  The second has the primary meaning of “Drama!” but also has clear implications of infidelity by a male, a soldier receiving bad news, and/or a lie starting a fight.  Usually you should try to figure out which leg is the event and which leg is the influences leading to it, but in this case I don’t think it matters much.

It’s most likely that a Gemini will be the cause of the above drama rather than the victim of it.  Mars and Mercury in Scorpio means we will get some clarification about something that has been a problem up until now (and boy do I have a candidate for a long-standing issue that needs figuring out).  You will need to work a bit on your self control with the moon in Leo amping up any tendencies towards moodiness.  Venus is transiting between Taurus and Gemini, so if your fantasy is a hookup with twin dudes, this is a great week to make it happen.

The cards agree:  This week is all about the dudes.  Only two cards of a feminine nature were shown, and they were both reversed.  Not so good for women in authority.  This week, remember the motto of of Clan Gordon: “By Courage, not Craft.”  Indirection and stratagems are contraindicated.

Gemini:  8 of Coins, reversed – voided ambition, usury, vanity

Cancer:  Ace of Wands – Creation, invention, enterprise, birth

Leo:  King of Wands – Honest conscientious man, countryman, friendly dark man

Virgo:  3 of Swords – Removal, absence, delay, division, rupture

Libra:  Page of Wands – Dark young man, lover, envoy, postman.  For men, this indicates favorable testimony will be given concerning you.

Scorpio:  Judgment, reversed – Weakness, simplicity, deliberation, sentence

Sagittarius:  8 of Wands, reversed – Jealousy, internal dispute, pangs of conscience, quarrels

Capricorn:  Queen of Swords, reversed – Malice, bigotry, prudery, deceit, artifice

Aquarius:  The Hierophant, reversed – Understanding, concord, over-kindness, weakness

Pisces:  Ace of Swords – Triumph, excess in everything, great force in love and hate.

Aries:  The Magician, reversed – Physician, mental illness, anxiety

Taurus:  Knight of Wands, reversed – Rupture, interruption, division, discord