This week has an interesting couple of intersecting alignments:  We’ve got Jupiter (retrograde)-Luna-Terra-Sol indicating change/chaos/disruption at home” with Saturn(retrograde)-Terra-Mercury “News of a new beginning.”  So basically, home life made all higgledy-piggiedy as the result of a new addition to the family dynamic.  This can be an excellent status check, because if you have a birth, new pet, or your SO gets a new FWB, you can  rejoice in the fact that you are important enough for the stars to foretell the events that happen under your roof.  For other celestial advice, expect slander and scurrilous accusations (Mercury and Mars in Cancer) and well, let’s say careful phrasing and selective chronicling of events may prove useful to your love life (Venus and the Sun in Gemini).  The moon in Virgo also encourages subtlety, euphemism, and oblique suggestions.

The cards this week has a certain indication of something going wrong in a very unfair way.  There is another pronounced but odd sign that… well, the best I can translate it is “violence at an orgy?”  It’s not  typical “you’re going to get rolled by a whore” notification, there’s a much more ritualistic aspect to the whole thing.  Is someone going to attend a Gnostic mass maybe?  An O.T.O. initiation?  And will they be too embarrassed to tell us about it?  There is an overarching aspect of formality and protocol to the week.

Gemini:  10 of Swords – Pain, affliction, tears, sadness, desolation

Cancer:  2 of Swords reversed – imposture, falsehood, duplicity, disloyalty, misplaced vengeance

Leo:  10 of Wands reversed – Contrariness, intrigues, difficulties from excessive abundance

Virgo:  The Hierophant – Alliance through marriage, servitude, mercy, goodness, inspiration

Libra:  7 of Wands – Valor, success, discussion, trade war, spycraft

Scorpio:  Justice reversed – Bigotry, bias, excessive severity, malicious compliance

Sagittarius:  6 of Coins – Gifts, gratification, attention

Capricorn:  The High Priestess reversed – Passion, moral or physical ardor, shallow knowledge, conceit

Aquarius:  6 of Cups – The past, pleasant memories, ephemeral enjoyment

Pisces:  Judgment reversed –  Weakness, simplicity, deliberation, pusillanimity, sentence

Aries:  Queen of Wands – Friendly dark woman, honorable, well disposed towards a fat man.

Taurus:  Knight of Coins reversed – Inertia, idleness, discouragement, carelessness