Hey guys, happy Monday. I’ll bet you’re all surprised they let me out of prison on Saturday. I know I was! Just kidding. But seriously, fuck prison. Everything is standing around and waiting for the Man. Even when you go to visit. Also, I took my kids to see a movie this weekend, and everyone was well-behaved and sat through the whole thing. Not like the bitch next to me who had her phone out the whole movie and was talking with her kid like they were in their living room. Fucking hate going to the movies. But it was one of those dine and watch places, so I had a drink to get me through it.

The worst part about this is Russian “airport security” is far less intrusive than here in the “freedom loving” US.

Terminators are coming!

Well I’m sure this report on diet will confirm everybody’s biases.

Being on an open tech ecosystem has its pluses and minuses.

A little bit of fun from the Geto Boyz. Bushwick Bill never got to do his Phuck Cancer tour, but fuck cancer