Howdy, Glibs. I hope the fathers among you were properly respected by your spawn yesterday, and that no new discoveries of extant children were in the offering. Its the dog days of summer here, and I wish I were anywhere but at this computer.

Here’s some really cool-looking Soviet-era tech that I would not be brave enough to ride in.

Ernst & Young’s UK branch scrapped degree-requirements for entry-level jobs. More like this in the US, please.

OMWC shared the opinion from Gamble v. US which is rage-inducing, except for Justice Gorsuch’s stellar dissent. An excerpt:

Viewed from the perspective of an ordinary reader of the Fifth Amendment, whether at the time of its adoption or in our own time, none of this can come as a surprise. Imagine trying to explain the Court’s separate sovereigns rule to a criminal defendant, then or now. Yes, you were sentenced to state prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm. And don’t worry—the State can’t prosecute you again. But a federal prosecutor can send you to prison again for exactly the same thing. What’s more, that federal prosecutor may work hand-in-hand with the same state prosecutor who already went after you. They can share evidence and discuss what worked and what didn’t the first time around. And the federal prosecutor can pursue you even if you were acquitted in the state case. None of that offends the Constitution’s plain words protecting a person from being placed “twice . . . in jeopardy of life or limb” for “the same offence.” Really?

Manic Neo-Nazi Dreamgirl pilloried for cashing in on queer bandwagon. Oh wait, it wasn’t her white supremacist fans who are doing the hating…

Best of Taylor Swift hailed as Aryan goddess by neo Nazis

Oh shit, Lenny got shot by an off-duty cop. George is gonna be sad he didn’t get to send him to the farm with the rabbits.

Going old-school today, but not older-than-me school