Well, after three consecutive summers of throwing money at the problem, my kids decided they would learn to swim this weekend. I’m only half joking. Two weekends ago, it was like water was actively dangerous, rather than a passive inhalation hazard, and yesterday the almost 4 year old was jumping in from the side. Today at lessons, he was swimming all the way across the pool and taking breaths without ever putting his feet down. So I guess if you need me, I’ll be at the pool for the rest of the summer, because that is pretty much what they ask now. When can we go swimming?

Two people who were hilarious at their best, but usually just annoying are teaming up. I eagerly await the Antifa vs. Roseanne impersonators fist fights.

Man, this makes me glad to be a Seminole. Its not like Mike Sr. didn’t have more chances than any other program to win the big one.

This is what happens when you welsh on a golf bet.

That sonofabitch Trump keeps doing things to make me like him. I mean, SLD, simulated transparency in a highly-regulated market is less desirable than the actual transparency a much less regulated market would generate, but…