Today has just been.. meh. Maybe it will pick up later this afternoon as I take my kids to their first BJJ lesson. I can tell you that the almost 4 year old has a pretty decent idea of how to execute a rear choke, even if his technique could use a little brushup. Hopefully, they won’t practice on each other too much. Or, whatever. I’ve got an heir and a spare. Which one is which they can fight it out over.

Oh great, I was just at Quest for some bloodwork today. Glad I could also give the blackhats my credit card information as well. Also, I’m pretty sure I saw the tech type my CVV number into their payment system, which, I don’t believe the retailer is supposed to see, use, or maintain. So, I probably won’t even be able to dispute any charges. I didn’t say anything because she hadn’t stuck me yet. Be polite to the lady who is going to exanguinate you, right?

Why I would never take up motorcycle riding around here. Vehicle-motorcycle homicides in the Tampa Bay area have to rival Chicago murders.

No amount of coffee is bad for your heart.

Maybe not bad for your heart, but…

California Democrat Party boss rips off mask, pisses on it. “Coming out of the labor movement, I believe in the collective. I don’t believe in the individual[.]” Sorry, comrades, some of you will be eggs. Prepare to be broken for the greater good. H/T OMWC


The boys from that little band rock some Germans today in music.