A cry for our times.


Looks like another day of living off coffee and grimly holding on to my temper, from lack of sleep. The links quality may reflect this. But I get an alleged large step toward relief tomorrow morning, so by next week…maybe we will progress to mediocre links! Huzzah.

But what you get this morning is right here:

  • “I dunno, shall we call it a draw?” Both sides realize, the other just won’t seem to quit, and cannot succeed…so maybe a little jaw-jaw? Of course, please note this would be round seven, of this current set of blatherings.
  • So…who has been missing the past 6 months, only to return lately?
  • Um…”led to prostitution”? Ma’am, you were already there.
  • Grandpa Gulag outflanks Lieawatha on the left.

Music, I leave to the commentariat. You know what to do.