I started living in a motel at the end of April, due mostly to my evil BiL; we can come back to that, it’s irrelevant to the story right now. I acquired a smoking deal through my company lodging card, and the boss approved several weeks on the company dime, since I wasn’t getting the hours I needed and it seems they need me.

After about 4.5 weeks my son found a “person” and due to her nature she was not allowed on the property, little did I know. So a Tuesday comes around, I’m 90 miles south and the phone rings; it’s the wife telling me they are kicking us out Now! and I need to come back, so I did. It turns out my company card was declined, and the lady/whore was the last straw, so we bounced….

Now the fun part is “we” means myself, my power chair bound wife, my son (also my apprentice), my dog Bella, my 20 year old cat, and for a while, my granddaughter Riley. 



Electric Gypsy Caravan. We have the typical unmarked white van, and of course Kia Korean Kar!!! 



Things again had to be pared down and stored after we were kicked out of ESA, and a bunch of stuff went into our already packed storage units, but still we go on.

Tomorrow we head north to Santa Clara.

Santa Clara was a 3 day trip that turned into a 7 day nightmare of blown tires, missing parts and incompetent contractors; glad we left, up north is nuts. From then ’til now it’s been a constant move from place to place, we have spent 6 days at the Motel 6 in Hesperia, dog friendly, and the people are nice.




We are too old for this, the money is enough to keep us going, barely, and we are tired; what an Adventure! We left Son behind, he was too attached to his woman of the night, and things are much more chill, but hey, Road!

San Dimas.

Parked again, maybe for a week, maybe a day, ’til next time, Cheers!