Happy Shabbos, you antisemitic goyim! One of my favorite quotes about Goldwater was, “I always knew the first Jewish president of the United States would be Episcopalian.” Ah well, it wasn’t to be. “Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice” was sadly considered nuts.

Birthdays today are an excellent bunch, including my favorite classical composer; my favorite pianist (about whose death a movie ought to be made); the guy beneath SP’s favorite gravestone; a really fun to watch pitcher; a great scowl and mustache (which ought to be the name of a London pub; and a complete piece of shit who left behind some other turds.

Well, with no further delay… links!


Remember what they said about redheads in the hot/crazy matrix?


Apartheid state!


Say what you will, he has initiative.


Indeed, there are some ideas so stupid that it takes a PhD to come up with them.


Fuck you, Frankie, stick to religion, something you (presumably) know something about.


“Wait, was this wrong?”


TSA saves us from the looming danger of butter knives.


We’re working on a fake hate incident against Glibertarians.com to get us some of that sweet, sweet free media exposure. Although calling this a “hate” incident is something of a stretch. It’s a fucking letter.



And today’s Old Guy Music features one of the birthday boys and a long time personal favorite. Although most of his work was in small groups (Coltrane, Kirk, Mingus…), he shows here that he can big band with the best of them. And his composition and arranging skills live up to his playing. My brush-with-fame story: I once saw him at a small club in Baltimore where the turnout was… me and my date. That was it. Maybe the word didn’t get out? Dunno, but he played a whole show for us, played his ass off, and sat with us for drinks during the break between sets. I gushed, “I love your music, I have all your albums!” and he grinned and responded, “Oh, YOU’RE the guy!”