This week we have a classic alignment:  Saturn (retrograde) aligned with Mars through the earth.  This is the alignment that was used in that ur-example of how to make unfalsifiable prophecies “if you invade, a great empire will be destroyed.” Since then, this alignment now has the additional reading of “don’t take the advice of an astrologer.”

The sun and Mars in cancer indicates that there will be trouble arising from being put in an uncomfortable situation.  Mercury in Leo bring royal proclamations and sudden mood swings between affection and disdain.  The moon and Venus in Gemini indicates variability and duplicity, and it also indicates that success in dating comes from lying.  Because it is very difficult to distinguish between objective and subjective cases in astrology, I’m uncertain as to whether this is advice for someone who wants to be more successful, or a warning for someone that their (potential) partner is full of shit.

As for the cards, there will be warning signs on Monday, which may be easy to disregard.  The reason you might overlook them is that things will go really well at the beginning of the week, but those hinted-at problems will become a full-blown shitshow by the end.  However, there is a definite path that winds up with you being successful bigly.

Cancer:  Ace of Coins reversed – Mo’ money, Mo’ problems; bad intelligence

Leo:  Ace of Wands reversed – Fall, decadence, ruin, perdition

Virgo:  5 of Cups – Loss but something remains, focusing on the negative of a situation, inheritance, frustration in marriage

Libra:  The World – Assured success, voyage, change of place

Scorpio:  2 of Swords – Conformity, courage, affection, intimacy, concord in a state of arms

Sagittarius:  The Hermit reversed – Concealment, disguise, unreasoned caution

Capricorn:  2 of Cups reversed – False love, folly, misunderstanding

Aquarius:  Ace of Cups reversed – False heart, mutation, instability, revolution

Pisces:  King of Cups reversed – Dishonest man, roguery, injustice, vice, scandal

Aries:  10 of Coins – Gain, riches, home, family matters

Taurus:  4 of Wands reversed – increase, felicity, beauty, embellishment

Gemini:  Knight of Swords – Skill, bravery, capacity, wrath, destruction, defense, ruin, resistance