Summer appears to be taking it toll on our authors. We are a bit light/unsure on content this week.  [INSERT SEMI-DIGNIFIED PLEADING BY SWISS FOR CONTENT TO BE SUBMITTED]. But imma gonna tell you about what we do have, by cracky!

Monday – Animal continues keeping us entertained and informed on Modays – but this one is not firearm related. Tune in. ’nuff said. SP will continue the Guide to Insufferable Politeness. This @#$%b lot could use some @#$%ing manners. I don’t know how it could insufferable? That means I will have to read the @#$&ing article, eh?

Tuesday – Yeah, about Tuesday… MLW is getting fried by “Woke Charmed”, so that may be a bit more periodic, rather than regularly scheduled. And I am going in for a lovely cortisone shot right between the C6 and C7 vertebrae. So, content is…not settled at this point.

Wednesday – Hat and Hair double feature. The Tale of Goode King Donald continues, and CPRM finishes our minds off in the evening. If that doesn’t spell entertainment, nothing does!

Thursday – RC Dean gets pessimistic. Well, in an article. Yes, just read it, will ya? Then we will hear from Sir Digby. Good to get some people contributin’ around here!

Friday – What are We Reading by our very own Glibs Staff. I will actually have an entry. Other than “raclette place menus” or “beer list” or “wine list” or “spirits list”. A cryptid to be named later will visit us in the evening.

Weekends continue to see OMWC, Not Adhan, Spudalicious and Mexican Sharpshooter lay it all out for us.

Weekday links should come from me, Banjos, OMWC, Brett and any substitutes we need to jam in at the last minute.

Please consider sending something – as you can see, we take all comers, all topics and subjects. That is part of what makes this place the bestest in the whole intarweb!

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