Actually, I don’t know if I have enough Florida Man links to go around, but after yesterday’s enlaces, and the Rays’ mascot failing to come through on a promised connection, I’ll do my best.

I don’t really think you can get more Florida Man than this without eating someone’s face.

FSU to spin off athletics department into non-profit, merge with boosters. For all the hue-and-cry, UF has been organized such since 1929, and just because they’ve had a few bad apples along the way… well, this may actually be a terrible idea.

I love this guy. Oh, you need to access my computer? Here you go, and all your servers are belong to us!

Finally, fuck you cancer! We have lasers now!

This is the song I got mixed up on a couple nights ago. Dublin Blues, not London Homesick Blues. That’s bothered me for two days. I woke up 3 times last night trying to get the rest of the song in my head so I could get the song title. Teh Googles found it for me.