Good morning, kids!

Do not adjust your set, it is indeed SP up at the crack of 0dark:30 to cover links for you fine folks. And the rest of you, too. I am nothing if not dedicated to the happiness (and/or snarkiness) of the Glibs!



We’ve got a weekend house party kicking off around lunchtime today. This includes many humans (purported humans?) I have never met IRL. Should be a blast, but it means I’ve been busy provisioning, and configuring sleeping quarters, and all such like that there. And there is still more to do, so this will be brief.


Welp, judging from the comments on the most excellent Episode 18 of CPRM’s animated Hat & Hair, many of you watched Round 1 of the Dems’ debate last night. In case you missed it, or just didn’t care, like me, check out the highlights here. Cripes, I just realized there is another round tonight. We shall be entertaining, so probably won’t see that one either.

Remember that fire at Notre Dame Cathedral? Probably not arson.

Do your fucking job, or find another one.

I think this chick has a short life expectancy.

Keep an eye on the Supremes today. Could be interesting.

Australian possibly detained in North Korea. “[Sigley] told Australian Broadcasting Corp. two years ago that he wanted to break down negative stereotypes about the country. “If we thought it was unsafe, we would stop doing these tours,” Sigley said. “We wouldn’t be able to bear the moral and legal responsibility of bringing people to North Korea if it was dangerous.” How’s that working out for you, bro?


Okey dokey, I’m outta here. Enjoy your day, friends! We sure will!