This is all part of one big conspiracy to turn men into women and women into men.

This is my review of Boulder Beer Company Gender Fluid Lager.

No…not really.  At least according to this article, this one, and this one, was made in recognition of Pride Month…or at least drag queen bingo.  What is truly interesting about it, when I looked it up on Beer Advocate I found it had an average score of 0/5 due to there being absolutely zero reviews for it.  Odd given the number of links telling the wild and wacky world of beer drinking it exists.

With regards to Pride Month, why does this need to be controversial?  What difference does it make that people want to march because they are gay?  Certainly, it provides an opportunity for trolls to provide a practical example of why somebody might want to participate in a gay pride parade.  Which seems to demonstrate a lack of self-awareness given the reaction the trolls are intent on receiving.  I can’t necessarily say there is no reason for Pride Parades, even if the number of countries legalizing gay marriages are becoming the norm.  After all, Black History month is still celebrated and last I checked the Civil Rights Act was signed into law 55 years ago, and the 14th Amendment became law 151 years ago and neither was immediately accepted either.  A victory is a victory, so celebrate it.  Hell, World War 1 ended a century ago, and we still celebrate that (we just call it Veteran’s Day).  It’s harmless, just know what streets to avoid if you’re driving and let them be.

As for gender fluid people and their potential choice in beer:  it tastes like Heineken.

This may be more appropriate than I previously anticipated.  I can sit here and morally justify my opinions on this beer’s flavor profile, its magnificent can, and assume that because my opinions on beer, the can, gender-fluidty, and the Venn Diagram of communities this beer hopes to encompasses will ultimately have no impact on my life.  I can say that because I am a cis-heteronormative male married to a cis-heteronormative female, living in a world seemingly built around such normativities.  Upon reflection, it seems my frame of reference caused me to miss the point entirely.  Gender identity and yellow lagers are two prominent constructs that go hand in hand and one that I casually dismissed. Yet for others this is not so simple.  If one lives in say, the Netherlands–or as pointed out to me, Thailand–one does not always have the option to display such privilege in beer preference because one’s experience in gender does not line up in a way to conform to biologically or socially accepted gender roles–and this beer reflects that.

To which I say, BRAVO.  For identifying the disparity and putting it on display for those that are most likely to recognize this disparity for what it is, and subjecting it to their subtle mockery.  In this light, mimicking the flavor profile of Heineken makes perfect sense.  I therefore will leave the reader with this selection of ladies for perusal as penance for my word salad, as well as some music for which to celebrate while they do.  Boulder Beer Company Gender Fluid Lager 1.5/5