Castle Rock, Colorado

While wandering around on a day off, we decided to try the Plum Creek “Riverwalk.” Wendy had the scooter charged, so we could go miles…and we did. It turns out that son and my hiking XP, combined with the wife’s power chair, gives us a long range, 3 miles one way on the first day,  a real pretty place.

Meadows, Interstates, and a wild crippled woman on a scooter.


Here’s the 3 miles up, more meadows and too many rabbits for Bella to keep up with.


Some more stuff. Don’t walk on Colorado concrete or you stub toe very badly.

We are thinking of moving, cause this motel sucks, but Castle Rock is a nice place, good people, and relaxing. Until then, enjoy Colorado!

The Gallery


Bonus! View from a tall building

This is the view from the 24th floor of the Chase bank building in Denver, where we are stuck working,

I have never been in such a tall building, the Penthouse machinery is impressive.


Here’s what your cat does while you’re at work. I didn’t know she is a Bowie fan.

Until next time, Cheers!

(Why am I headed to Las Cruces? Mistakes happen in life, so you fix them.)